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Synthesis Group Projects

  • SYNTHESIS The framework project of the SYNTHESIS group
  • INFOSEM Information System Semantic Interoperability
  • SEMIMOD Modelling and Management of Semi-Structured Data for Dynamic World-Wide-Web Applications
  • BIOMED Methods and tools for development of subject mediators of heterogeneous information collections for distributed digital libraries
  • REFINE Modeling of compositional specifications intended for automated proof of correctness of refinement of specifications of requirements by pre-existing components in course of a compositional development of information systems
  • VOINFRA Development of principles and fundamentals of the information interoperability in the infrastructure of the Russian Virtual Observatory
  • MULTISOURCE Methods for organization of problems solving over multiple distributed heterogeneous information sources
  • RVOAG RVO Public Utility Center
  • ASTROMEDIA Methods and tools for supporting subject mediators architecture in AstroGrid infrastructure for the Russian Virtual Observatory
  • UNIMOD Development and prototyping of experimental system for constructing the unifying information representation models for interoperable integrating systems of heterogeneous information sources
  • SEMID Research and development of methods and tools for semantic identification of specifications of heterogeneous information resources relevant to a scientific problem and their integration in the specifications of the problem at the scientific information systems
  • SubjMed Investigation of methods and tools for subject mediation middleware aimed at problems solving over heterogeneous distributed information resources
  • ConcMod Development of methods and tools for definition of scientific subject domains conceptual models and problems solving support based on subject mediators in the hybrid grid-infrastructure
  • RuleInt Integration of rule-based declarative programs and knowledge, databases and services for scientific problems solving over heterogeneous distributed information resources
  • ASTROMEDIA Trial Hybrid architecture of Astrogrid and Mediator Middlewere
  • Galaxies Search Distant Galaxy Search Applying Astrogrid
  • Star Classification Eclipsing-binary Stars Classification applying Ensembled Weka in Astrogrid
  • PredMaint Разработка информационной системы поддержки технического обслуживания и предиктивного ремонта объектов жилищно-коммунальной инфраструктуры в рамках концепции Интернета вещей
  • NeuroData Методы и средства решения задач анализа данных в распределенных вычислительных инфраструктурах в области нейрофизиологии
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