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RFBR Grant 06-07-89188

Methods and tools for supporting subject mediators architecture in AstroGrid infrastructure for the Russian Virtual Observatory (ASTROMEDIA)

Project starting date

April 2006

Project duration

33 months

Project co-ordinator

Victor Zakharov, Institute of Informatics Problems RAS, Moscow, Russia


  • Institute of Informatics Problems RAS
  • Institute of Astronomy RAS
  • Special Astrophysical Observatory RAS


The project is oriented on research and development of new methods and facilities for creation and support of scientific information systems for astronomical research in the grid infrastructure of the Russian Virtual Observatory (RVO), being implemented in the context of the International Virtual Observatory Alliance (IVOA). Research and development of the architecture for scientific problem solving over multiple information sources with orientation on the problem applying subject mediators constitutes a content of the basic scientific task of the project. The architecture is planned as a synergy of the AstroGrid and the subject mediation infrastructures.

The following accomplishments has been fulfilled and the following results obtained so far.

The reconciliation of information representation models and languages applied in the mediation infrastructure and AstroGrid has been done, including analysis of possibility of inclusion of new information representation models used in AstroGrid into the canonical information model of the mediators. An analysis of approaches for incorporation of information identification and registration facilities into AstroGrid (in particular, the development of methods of incorporation of the mediator metadata and adapters (representing information sources and services) definitions in the AstroGrid registries) has been undertaken. An analysis of the RVO ontological models development taking into account their current state in the IVOA, AstroGrid and mediators has been fulfilled. The prototypes of the mediator components working autonomously of RVO have been developed. The autonomous prototype of the mediator supporting facilities has been implemented. Planning of implementation of mediator components (such as query rewriting facilities, planner, supervisor, wrappers, facilities supporting mediatorís metainformation, facilities for information source identification and their registration in mediators) interoperation with the components of AstroGrid has been provided. The main interoperation facilities has been completed in December 2007.

The results obtained so far have been examined at the RVO information infrastructure applying scientific problem statements over multiple distributed information sources.

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