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RFBR Grant 05-07-90413

Methods for organization of problems solving over multiple distributed heterogeneous information sources (MULTISOURCE)

Project starting date

April 2005

Project duration

21 months

Project co-ordinator

Leonid Kalinichenko, Institute of Informatics Problems RAS, Moscow, Russia


  • Institute of Informatics Problems RAS
  • Special Astrophysical Observatory RAS


The project is oriented on research and development of methods of problem solving organization in the environment of multiple distributed heterogeneous information sources. These works are being developed in the infrastructural paradigm of the subject mediators that support interoperability between researchers and information sources using a subject domain of a problem class description (in terms of concepts, data structures, functions and problem solving processes). Testing of the developed methods is being conducted in the context of virtual astronomical observatory for the description of subject domains, information sources and problem examples. The following researches have been completed and the following results have been obtained.

The methodology of subject domain description and task formulation oriented on the problem (being independent of the existing information sources) including definition of the principles of problem solving, basic methods (such as the method of the canonical information model synthesis, the method of compositional development of information systems, the methods of searching and registration at the mediator of the relevant information sources, the method of problem formulation in the context of multiple information sources), as well as the process of problem formulation and solving over multiple information sources have been developed.

The example of a mediator specification for a problem class in the context of virtual observatory (problems of discovery of distant radiogalaxies) has been developed.

The first release of the AstroGrid system for the Russian Virtual Observatory (RVO) has been put into operation as a community center for solving of astronomical problems over distributed repositories of information existing over the world. The facilities for distant radiogalaxies problem solving have been implemented on the basis of AstroGrid and Aladin systems.

The algorithm of the mediator query rewriting has been developed and implemented (for nonrecursive queries). The approach for searching of the relevant sources applying the metadata defined at the mediator has been specified.

Methods for registration of heterogeneous sources of information in the mediator have been developed, including: methods of reconciliation of contexts of the source being registered and mediator applying ontological approach; methods for construction of the GLAV views expressing rules to represent source classes by means of the mediator classes during registration.

Tool prototype supporting source registration at the mediator have been developed. Additionally specific approach for recursive query rewriting to support problem formulation at the mediator has been developed. As a testbed for the results obtained an information infrastructure of the Russian virtual observatory has been used including registries for heterogeneous information sources in astronomy as well as statements for problem solving over such distributed information sources.

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