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SubjMed Project

Program for fundamental research of the Presidium of RAS ¹ 16Ï (project 4.2)

Investigation of methods and tools for subject mediation middleware aimed at problems solving over heterogeneous distributed information resources

Project starting date

April 2009

Project duration

45 months

Project co-ordinator

Leonid Kalinichenko, Institute of Informatics Problems of RAS, Moscow, Russia


  • Institute of Informatics Problems of RAS


The goal of the project is an investigation of methods and tools of subject mediation middleware providing for subject area specification and access to heterogeneous remote information resources (databases, services, processes). The main aim of subject mediation is a problem solving in respective subject areas over sets of distributed resources. The project is focused on several directions united by the mentioned goal:

  • Achieving the semantic interoperability of components for software development and maintaining on a basis of subject mediation middleware.
  • Development of a technique for implementing mappings of the diverse information resource definition languages into the canonical information model. The technique is required for virtualization of the resources in a mediator.
  • Development of tools for dynamic compilation (rewriting) of a problem’s program specifications defined in a mediator into partial programs implemented by resources relevant to the problem.
  • Development of tools for planning and coordination of partial problems execution in a distributed environment.

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