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Lecture Notes

Order of using files of the DOT course Download (PowerPoint)
Distributed Inform Syst Frameworks Download (PowerPoint)
Distributed systems Download (PowerPoint)
Object-Oriented Principles Download (PowerPoint)
OO Middleware Principles Download (PowerPoint)
CORBA, COM, RMI Download (PowerPoint)
Resolving Heterogeneity Download (PowerPoint)
Dynamic requests Download (PowerPoint)
Compositional IS design Download (PowerPoint)
Advanced Synchronization Download (PowerPoint)
Naming and Trading Download (PowerPoint)
Distributed Objects Lifecycle Download (PowerPoint)
Persistence Service Download (PowerPoint)
Transaction Service Download (PowerPoint)
Security in Distributed Objects Download (PowerPoint)
Formal methods principles Download (PowerPoint)
Types, refinements and AMN Download (PostScript)
Examples of abstract machines Download (PostScript)
Ontologies Download (PostScript), Download (PowerPoint)
Compositional design Download (PostScript), Download (PowerPoint)
DBMS Manifestos Download (PowerPoint)
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