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Constructing of Mappings of Information Models into the Canonical Models

Constructing of Mappings of Heterogeneous Information Models into the Canonical Models of Integrated Information Systems.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A., Stupnikov S.A.
Published:Advances in Databases and Information Systems: Proc. of the 12th East-European Conference. -- Pori: Tampere University of Technology, 2008. -- P. 106-122.
The paper proposes an approach for semi-automatic construction of mappings of information models of heterogeneous information resources (such as databases, services, processes, ontologies) into the unifying, canonical models of the integrated interoperable information systems. The approach proposed is based on verifiable methods and tools of information model mapping preserving information and operations and synthesis of extensible canonical information models. An architecture of the Information Model Unifier that has been developed for supporting the methods is briefly described and illustrated by an example of mapping of a specific information model into the canonical one. A short overview of existing database schema mapping approaches and tools as well as their comparison with the approach developed in our project is provided.
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