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Workflow Process Specifications

Applying CSP-like Workflow Process Specifications for their Refinement in AMN by Pre-existing Workflows.

Author(s): Stupnikov S.A.,Kalinichenko L.A., Jin Song DONG
Published:Advances in Databases and Information Systems: Proc. of the Sixth East-European Conference. Vol. 2: Research Communications. -- Bratislava: Slovak University of Technology, 2002. -- P. 206-215.
Starting with csp2B specification facilities as the core, this paper extends Abstract Machine Notation (AMN) further with the sequential processes, interrupt operator, timing and other facilities specific for TCOZ. An approach for mapping of extensions of the core into AMN and algorithms of their conversion into B machines are defined. B technology provides provable refinement technique required for compositional development. Capabilities of the extended notation are illustrated by an example showing how a refinement of the workflow process specification of requirements by a composition of the pre-existing workflow processes can be formally justified.
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