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Russian Virtual Observatory Community Centre

Russian Virtual Observatory Community Centre for Scientific Problems Solving over Multiple Distributed Information Sources.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A., Stupnikov S.A., Vovchenko A.E., Zakharov V.N., Zhelenkova O.P.
Published:Proc. of the Eighth Russian Conference on Digital Libraries RCDL'2006, Suzdal. -- Yaroslavl: P. G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University, 2006. -- P. 120-129.
The paper considers one of the first steps of implementation of the Russian Virtual Observatory Information Infrastructure (RVOII) organization of a Community cente r at IPI RAS (Moscow) for support of scientific astronomical problem solving over distributed repositories of astronomical information. As a motivation the trends for distributed infrastructure development for e-science are presented. Information infrastructure of RVO aimed to satisfy International Virtual Observatory Alliance standards is briefly introduced. Structure of AstroGrid system considered as a core of RVOII is presented in brief. First trial of scientific use of AstroGrid RVO over distributed astronomic sources is explained in detail.
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