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Type Inferencing

Type Inferencing Based on Complete Type Specifications.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A., Zadorozhny V.I.
Published:Advances in Databases and Information Systems: Proc. of the Second International Workshop ADBIS'95. Workshops in Computing Series. Published by Springer-Verlag in collaboration with the British Computer Society. -- Gateshead: Athenaeum Press Ltd., 1995. -- P. 207--219.
Type specification completeness is a necessary prerequisite for support of object creating formulae in object calculus leading to formation of new types to be integrated into a type lattice containing the types from which they were formed.

The paper shows what conditions should be satisfied in order that the inferred types could be correct and what is the systematic way of integration of these types into the existing type lattice on the basis of a well-defined subtype relation. Ignoring of the specification completeness for type inference may lead to inconsistent results.

The paper contributes to clarification of type inferencing operations for the case of complete type specifications.

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