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Type associations identified to support information resource reuse

Type associations identified to support information resource reuse in megaprogramming.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A.
Published:Proc. of the Third International Workshop on Advances in Databases and Information Systems ADBIS'96. -- Moscow: MEPhI Publishing, 1996. -- V. 1. -- P. 160--164.
Type associations supporting reuse decisions in course of the interoperable information systems design are identified. Type reducts (projections of object interfaces defined by types) are considered as patterns of reuse. The required federated composite objects are assumed to be created by integration of such fragments using views above their type definitions. Type associations introduced are based on an assumption of type specification completeness. The type refinement association is introduced as the fundamental concept for the others, such as subtyping, type reduct, type conformances and type inferencing associations. These associations are established to support the information system design with reuse.
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