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Temporal XML

Temporal XML.

Author(s): M.G. Manukyan, L.A. Kalinichenko
Published:Advances in Databases and Information Systems: Proc. of the 5th East-European Conference. Research Communications. -- Vilnius: Technika, 2001. -- V. 1. -- P. 206-215.
An approach for temporal extension of semi-structured data models has been investigated in frame of the INTAS No 11109 and RFBR No 00-07-90086 projects. Temporal extension of XML (TXML) appeared as an outcome of this research. TXML intention is to define such platform independent temporal data representation on WWW that various program packages could interchange this data without loss of semantic content. It is essential that a possibility for representing temporal knowledge on WWW be provided. We analyze introducing a temporal constituents for XML. XML documents as well as DTD are represented evolving in time. To each XML construct such as element, attribute, entity, etc. temporal constituent of existence and temporal constituent of belief are attached. TXML is treated as an XML application. Problems of support of point, interval, relative and periodical events are analyzed. The semantics of temporal data is rather complicated and generally is defined by some formulae. As formalisms we use arithmetic of Presburger, temporal logic of Allen and special temporal facilities to support such events. The encoding of temporal data and knowledge is based on a-calculus.
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