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Features of the SYNTHESIS component-based information systems development method

Features of the SYNTHESIS component-based information systems development method

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A., Briukhov D.O., Kapsner F.
Published:Proc. of the International Workshop on Component-based Information Systems Engineering, 10th International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering CAiSE-98. -- 1998.
Component-based development process is positioned on the middleware platform (like OMG CORBA) supporting heterogeneous interoperable information resource environment (HIRE). As a component, an information resource in HIRE is a replaceable unit of development which encapsulates design decisions and which can be composed with other components as part of larger units. Components include not only implementations, but also more abstract development artifacts such as type specifications, application context specifications, generic and customizable units.

Correct compositions of software and data components should be semantically interoperable in the context of a specific application (application contexts of the components should be coherent and their composition should be consistent within the context of the intended application).

Sound understanding of the essence of component-based development and reusability problem leading to proper component modeling, compositions and design in HIRE is required. The decisions of the SYNTHESIS project that is focused on that at the Russian Academy of Sciences are outlined.

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