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SIGMOD Sister Societes

SIGMOD Sister Societes

Author(s): Ceri S., Kalinichenko L.A., Kitsuregawa M.., Lu H., Ozsoyuglu M., Snodgrass R., Vianu V.
Published:ACM SIGMOD Record. -- 2000. --- V. 29, N 1. -- P. 4--15.

Cooperation can exist at many levels. Professors cooperate with students in learning. Co-authors cooperate on papers and books, often across large distances in space and time. And sometimes even societies cooperate.

For many years, SIGMOD has co-sponsored conferences, and is in-cooperation with a somewhat larger set of conferences (see Won Kim, the previous SIGMOD chair, provided the impetus to start two regional chapters, the SIGMOD Japan Chap- ter and the Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter. Over the last few years, the SIGMOD Executive Committee has been active in establishing liaisons and joint projects with a wide variety of bodies involved in database research.

Here we celebrate this cooperation by providing summary information on nine societies with which SIGMOD cooperates, our "sister societies". It is to the credit of these societies that they are open to, indeed, enthusiastically supportive of, joint activities, in a shared desire to best serve the database community. And SIGMOD looks forward to additional initiatives that will build on the particular resources of each society to further database research and development.

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