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Structural and Behavioral Abstractions of the Multiactivities

Structural and Behavioral Abstractions of the Multiactivities Intended for their Concretizations by the Pre-existing Behaviors.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A.
Published:Proc. of the Second International East-West Database Workshop. Workshops in Computing Series. Published by Springer-Verlag in collaboration with the British Computer Society. -- Gateshead: Athenaeum Press Ltd., 1994. -- P. 331--345.
An approach for the refinement of the information system activity (workflow) specifications by the pre-existing heterogeneous information resource behavior patterns is discussed. The proposed methodology is considered to be a part of the semantic interoperation reasoning framework. The two-dimensionally uniform multiactivity specification is assumed.

The paper is focused on the behavioral abstraction of the multiactivity specifications that are introduced as patterns of actions (Petri net firing sequences) generalized as regular expressions. Behavior concretization reasoning is based on the partial ordering of the patterns. Structural and behavioral abstractions of multiactivities work together to make their concretization feasible.

The technique is developed and used in frame of the SYNTHESIS project.

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