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The Thirtieth Anniversary of the Data Bank Task Group

The Thirtieth Anniversary of the Data Bank Task Group.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A., Kogalovsky M.R.
Published:Programming and Computer Software. -- Moscow: MAIK Nauka / Interperiodica, 2004. -- V. 30, N. 6. -- P. 359--360.

Three decades ago, the Data Bank Task Group (DBTG) was created within the USSR State Committee for Science and Technology (SCST). Initially, the DBTG was part of the Interdisciplinary science and technology commission on computer software, but was later (in 1984) granted independent status as the USSR SCST Science and Technology Commission on Data Banks. This commission continued to operate until 1987. However, among the members of the commission and the wide circle of experts involved in its work, the commission has always been referred to unofficially by the name of its predecessor, the DBTG.

The DBTG was created with the aims of promoting the advancement of database technologies in the development of Russian information systems, coordinating work on the development of software for databases, providing professional consultancy and expertise in the development of database systems, and establishing and expanding contacts with foreign scientific centers and other organizations working in the field of database technologies.

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