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Representation of Mediator's Ontological Specifications in UML

Representation of Mediator's Ontological Specifications in UML.

Author(s): Briukhov D.O., Tyurin I.N.
Published:Proc. of the Fourth Russian Conference on Digital Libraries RCDL'2002. -- Dubna: JINR, 2002. -- V 2. -- P. 251--256. (In Russian)
This paper shows the representations the specifications of Mediator Ontology Language (MOL) in UML notation.The MOL is an extensible language. It contains the core and extensions for each ontology language. In the paper we consider the MOL extension for DAML+OIL. DAML+OIL is proposed by W3C as a standard of ontology language for Web. It is an extension of RDF and RDF Schema languages. MOL is based on the SYNTHESIS language. To visualize the SYNTHESIS specifications (including ontology specifications) we use UML. UML specification is also used for loading the ontology specifications into the mediator's metainformation repository.
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