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Forming the Metainformation Repository

Forming the Metainformation Repository on the Base of Canonical Model Specifications

Author(s): Stupnikov S.A., Kalinichenko L.A.
Published:Problems of Programming: Special Issue. -- Proc. of the Third International Scientific and Practical Conference on Programming UkrPROG'2002. -- Kiev: Publishing House "Akadempereodika" of NAS of Ukraine, 2002. -- N 1-2. -- P. 301--308. (In Russian)
The component design is a process of refinement the requirement specifications by component specifications expressed by means of a canonical model. The model is used to uniform different information representation models. Metainformation base is a component specification repository, i.e. a primary resource for component design program tools. This paper considers the problems of forming the metainformation repository on the base of canonical model (SYNTHESIS language) text specifications.
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