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Information modeling in multidatabase systems

Information modeling in multidatabase systems: beyond data modeling.

Author(s): Sheth A., Kalinichenko L.A.
Published:Information and Knowledge Management, Expanding the Definition of "Database": Proc. of the First International Conference CIKM'92. -- ISMM, 1992.
We consider the information modeling issues in environments that range from multidatabase manipulations supporting direct DBMS level interfaces to multiple database to multisystem applications involving activities among multiple application systems. Information modeling needs in such environments go far beyond the use of traditional data models to develop database schemata or application views.

Besides modeling information regarding individual component systems and databases, we also need to model activities and interdependencies that span across the systems. Because of significant interplay between these different types of information during information management activities such as query processing and transaction management, a uniform framework for modeling, and preferably a single language for specifying, all these types of information is highly desirable. For an example multisystem application, we demonstrate important aspects of such a uniform and comprehensive modeling in the SYNTHESIS language.

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