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Designing Semistructured Databases: A Conceptual Approach

Designing Semistructured Databases: A Conceptual Approach.

Author(s): Mong-Li Lee, Sin Yeung Lee, Tok Wang Ling, Gillian Dobbie, Kalinichenko L.A.
Published:Database and Expert Systems Applications: Proc. of the 12th International Conference DEXA 2001. LNCS 2113. -- Berlin-Heidelberg: Springer-Verlag, 2001. -- P. 12--21.
Semistructured data has become prevalent with the growth of the Internet. The data is usually stored in a database system or in a specialized repository. Many information providers have presented their databases on the web as semistructured data, while others are developing repositories for new applications. Designing a “good" semistructured database is important to prevent data redundancy and updating anomalies. In this paper, we propose a conceptual approach to design semistructured databases. A conceptual layer based on the Entity-Relationship model is used to remove redundancies at the semantic level. An algorithm to map an ER diagram involving composite attributes weak entity types, recursive, n-ary and ISA relationship sets, and aggregations to a semistructured schema graph (S3-Graph) is also given.
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