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A Declarative Framework for Capturing Dynamic Behaviour

A Declarative Framework for Capturing Dynamic Behaviour in Heterogeneous Interoperable Information Resource Environment.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A.
Published:Proc. of the Third International Workshop on Research Issues in Data Engineering: Interoperability in Multidatabase Systems RIDE-IMS '93. -- IEEE-CS, 1993. -- P. 249--252.
Object-oriented, multisorted logic and Petri nets - based framework suitable for the specification of the dynamic behaviour of the heterogeneous interoperable information resource environment (HIRE) is proposed. Three aspects of the HIRE dynamics are encompassed: 1) Specification of application (long-running) multiactivities over information resources including the interdependent subactivities executed in the concurrent and unreliable environment; 2) The multiresource constraint support for the HIRE as a dynamic system involving specification and enforcement of consistency requirements of interrelated information resources including rules for their consistency restoration; 3) Support of the executable level of heterogeneous multi-resource interoperation providing the interpretable code (including, if required, definition of tasks of autonomous software packages in their nativelanguages) to be produced by the query, constraint or multiactivity specification compilers.
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