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Co-lending Systemic Risk Analysis over Heterogeneous Data Collections

Co-lending Systemic Risk Analysis over Heterogeneous Data Collections.

Author(s): Stupnikov S. A., Briukhov D. O., Skvortsov N. A.
Published:Informatics and Applications. Moscow: IPI RAN, 2016. -- V. 10, Iss. 1. -- P. 24-34.
The paper considers an approach for co-lending systemic risk analy-sis problem solving over heterogeneous data collections in a combined virtual and materialized integration environment. The problem belongs to the data intensive do-main of financial macromodeling. Virtual integration is implemented using subject mediation technology. Materialized integration is implemented using open source Hadoop software framework for distributed storage and processing of large datasets accompanied by the Hive system intended for relational warehousing over Hadoop.
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