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Unification of Graph Data Models

Unification of Graph Data Models for Heterogeneous Security Information Resources’ Integration.

Author(s): Stupnikov Sergey, Miloslavskaya Natalia, Budzko Vladimir.
Published:Proc. of the 3rd International Conference on Future Internet of Things and Cloud. IEEE, 2015. -- P. 457-464.
Integration of large heterogeneous data collections, gathered usually for making decisions on information security (IS) management issues, requires a preliminary step – unification of their data models. It is provided by mapping the source data models into the canonical information model. Information and semantics of data definition languages (DDL) and semantics of the operations of data manipulation languages (DML) have to be preserved by the mapping. This research is devoted to the unification of the graph data models (GDM) – the important kind of the existing various data models. The distinguishing features of modern GDM are discussed as well as their application in the information security (IS) area. The issues of proof of DDL and DML semantics preserving by the mapping of the GDM into the object-frame canonical model are briefly considered. Future work steps in applying research results to different IS management areas are indicated in conclusion.
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