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Mapping of Collections into the Integrated Representation

Methods for Mapping of Collections Presented in Nontraditional Data Models into the Integrated Representation.

Author(s): Stupnikov S. A., Vovchenko A. E.
Published:Systems and Means of Informatics. Moscow: IPI RAN, 2014. -- V. 24, Iss. 4. -- P. 29-44. (In Russian)
The paper considers transformations of collections presented in nontraditional data models, such as graph, triplet, and key-value models, into the integrated representation in the relational data model. The context of the paper is the development of the combined virtual and materialized environment for integration of heterogeneous collections of (un-, semi-)structured data. The proposed techniques constitute the basis for materialized integration of information resources in relational data warehouses over Hadoop.
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