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Designation and Cross-Identification of Multiple Objects

Problems of Designation and Cross-Identification of Multiple Objects in Astronomy.

Author(s): Dana A. Kovaleva, Pavel V. Kaygorodov, Leonid A. Kalinichenko, Oleg Yu. Malkov, Nikolay A. Skvortsov.
Published:16th Russian Conference on Digital Libraries RCDL 2014 Proceedings. CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1297:125-131. (In Russian)
In this work we continue and develop research focused on solving of problems arising in the comprehensive analysis of heterogeneous data sets by available arsenal of scientific methods and tools to identify useful information and to gain new knowledge. Here the problems of designation and crossidentification of multiple objects in astronomy are discussed, with a focus on streamlining of designation schemes and integrating of multidimensional observational data of different types. We shortly review existing methods of designation of single and multiple astronomical objects, describe BSDB schemes, implemented in Binary star database (BDB) and discuss problems and solutions of cross-identification.
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