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Social Monitoring System

Social Monitoring System in the Subject Domain "Social and Political Life of Russian Federation Regions".

Author(s): E. B. Kozerenko, Yu. I. Morozova, K. I. Kuznetsov, M. M. Sharnine, S. A. Stupnikov, D. O. Briukhov, A. E. Vovchenko.
Published:Fundamentals, Technologies of Development, Social and Humanity Effects of Social Computing: Proc. of the Third International Conference ISC-14. -- M. A. Sholokhov Moscow State University of Humanities, 2014. -- P. 51-55. (In Russian)
The article describes the prototype of the social media monitoring system developed for the subject domain «Social and political life of Russian Federation regions». The system is based on the module of linguistic processing which performs analysis of natural language texts at different levels: morphological analysis, syntactic analysis, semantic analysis and sentiment analysis. The systems functions in the distributed mode on five computers via the IBM Hadoop Platform. The analysis results are stored in a single data base. Data base management tools make it possible to query the data base and visualize the queries results.
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