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Scientific Methods Metadata

Scientific Methods Metadata for Provision of the Methods Reuse and Result Reproducibility.

Author(s): Skvortsov N. A., Briukhov D. O., Kalinichenko L. A., Kovalev D. Y., Stupnikov S. A.
Published:Proc. of the 15th Russian Conference on Digital Libraries RCDL'2013. -- CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2013. Vol. 1108. P. 70--78. (In Russian)
Data-intensive sciences are characterized by the constantly growing needs for specific data analysis methods intended for producing new knowledge related to the investigated areas. Development of new data analysis methods becomes a significant, inseparable part of research. Digital preservation, reuse and reproducibility of computer experiment results become inherent attributes of scientific discovery. The paper investigates metadata structure to be attached to the processes specifying or implementing scientific data analysis methods for their reuse and result 77reproducibility. Process components and data are referred to the domain concepts and need to be supplied with the information about data provenance and quality. Specific test collections are needed to describe kinds of cases in which methods must behave in an anticipated way. Using the open myExperiment environment organizing and providing access to the collection of scientific workflows as an illustration, we demonstrate how the extension of its metadata could have allowed to organize the semantic search for methods relevant to a problem, to verify interoperability, reusability and reproducibility of processes implementing the methods.
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