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Extending Information Integration Technologies

Extending Information Integration Technologies for Problem Solving over Heterogeneous Information Resources.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L. A., Stupnikov S. A., Zakharov V. N.
Published:Informatics and Applications. -- 2012. -- V. 6, Issue 1. -- P. 69--76.
This position paper is an attempt to match up the emerging challenges for problem solving over heterogeneous distributed information resources. State-of-the-art in subject mediation technology reached at IPI RAN is presented. The technology is aimed at filling the widening gap between the users (applications) and heterogeneous resources of data, knowledge, and services. Also, the paper affects the semantic-based information integration technologies challenges including investigation of application-driven approach for problem solving in the subjectmediator environment, a provision for support of executable declarative specifications of the applications over the mediator, enhancement of presence of knowledge-based facilities at the mediator level, and mediation of databases with nontraditional data models motivated by the need of large data support.
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