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An Approach to Development of the Binary Star Database (BDB)

An Approach to Development of the Binary Star Database (BDB)

Author(s): Skvortsov N. A., Malkov O. Yu., Kaygorodov P. V., Kovaleva D. A.
Published:Proc. of XV Russian conference Internet and Modern Society (IMS-2012), St.-Petersburg, Oct 1012, 2012. -- P. 107-117. -- ISBN 978-5-903811-20-5. (In Russian)

The paper presents an approach to development of the Binary Star Database (BDB). The database contains data about physical and astrometric parameters of binary and multiple star of different types, taken from astronomical catalogs and surveys. Requirements to the database are considered, which come from peculiarities of astronomical data and from the task of merging of information from heterogeneous information resources in a single database. Development process of conceptual scheme of binary stars subject area and transformation of catalog data to the conceptual scheme are described. An approach to scientific problem solving in terms of a conceptual scheme is proposed.

Also published in Russian Digital Libraries electronic journal, 2013, Volume 16, Issue 1.

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