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Dispersed Organization of Problem Solving in Subject Mediators

Dispersed Organization of Problem Solving in the Distributed Environment of Subject Mediators.

Author(s): Vovchenko A. E.
Published:Proc. of the 13th Russian Conference on Digital Libraries RCDL'2011. -- CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2011. Vol. 803. P. 211-218. (In Russian)
Methods for dispersed organization of problem solving in the mediation environment are discussed in the paper. The problem arises from the fact that the parts of a problem solving algo-rithm may be assigned to various components of the mediation environment and specified in dif-ferent languages, e.g., in programming language, in rule-based language, in the form of views. The paper presents a model of dispersed organization for multi-language programs, as well as an approach for constructing minimal dispersed implementation.
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