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Analysis of approaches of the rule languages

Analysis of motivation, objectives and approaches of the project for the unification of the rule based languages.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L. A., Stupnikov S. A.
Published:Proc. of the Second Symposium on Ontological Modeling. Moscow: IPI RAS, 2011. P. 79-122. (In Russian)
The paper is devoted to analysis of the W3C standard RIF (Rule Interchange Format) that is provided for the interoperability of various rule based systems by the introduction of the extensible family of unified languages (dialects) oriented on creation of semantic preserving mappings of rule based languages of various systems into the dialects. To characterize the motivation for the RIF project the paper contains a short survey of development and application of rule based languages and systems in the areas of knowledge representation, deductive databases, logical reasoning. An analysis of various semantics of logical rule based languages that influenced the RIF decisions is included into the paper. Main classes of application cases of the interoperable rule based programs used for development of the requirements for RIF are considered. Finally the main decisions of the RIF project are overviewed.
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