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Mediation based semantic Grid

Mediation Based Semantic Grid.

Author(s): Vovchenko A.E., Kalinichenko L.A., Stupnikov S.A.
Published:Distributed Computing and Grid-Technologies in Science and Education: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference. Dubna: JINR, 2010. -- P. 309-318.
In frame of the SYNTHESIS project being developed at IPI RAS a semantic grid infrastructure has been designed and implemented. The semantic grid is built on top of the AstroGrid that is positioned as an information grid aimed at support of virtual observatories. The infrastructure proposed significantly extends the conventional vision of semantic grids emphasizing a provision of well-defined meaning to data and service resources. We consider that such resources obtain adequate meaning in the context of specific application problems. Therefore we focus on ontological and conceptual specifications of application domains and problems. Such specifications are reflected in the definitions of mediators independently of information resources accessible through the information grid. The mediation middleware is positioned between the applications/users and resources. The mediation based semantic grid is used currently for problem solving in the area of astronomy. Note that mediation based semantic grid middleware is independent of particular information grid and can be integrated with any such infrastructure.
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