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Semiautomatic GLAV mapping of specifications

Semiautomatic GLAV mapping of specifications in a canonical information model of subject mediators.

Author(s): Ryabukhin O. V.
Published:Proc. of the 12th Russian Conference on Digital Libraries RCDL'2010. -- Kazan: Kazan Federal University, 2010. -- P. 356--361.
Subject mediator is a component of the middleware located between resources and users (application) to provide a unified access to multiple resources registered in it. Subject mediator is constructed for solution of a class of problems in particular domain (in such scientific fields as, for example, the Earth sciences, astronomy, biology, and others). This work is devoted to semi-automatic construction of GLAV (Global-Local-As-View) mappings between specifications of information resources and mediator. We define the problem of specifications mapping as a part of the resource registration process and describe the idea of semiautomatic solution for this problem; we provide an overview of existing solutions and present a prototype of the registration process support system, which implements the described approach to semiautomatic specifications mapping.
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