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Conceptual and Ontological Modeling in Information Systems

Conceptual and Ontological Modeling in Information Systems.

Author(s): Kogalovsky M.R., Kalinichenko L.A.
Published:Programming and Computer Software. -- Moscow: MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica, Pleiades Publishing Inc., 2009. -- V. 35, N. 5. -- P. 241256.
Conceptual modeling of a subject domain, which produces its conceptual model, is an important stage in designing information systems. In recent years, much attention in the development of such systems has been given to reusing information resources and to providing access to them at the semantic level. Methods and technologies of ontological modeling have lately been under intensive development. In this paper, problems and preconditions of conceptual modeling of the subject domain in database technologies and information systems are discussed. Various approaches to conceptual modeling, conceptual modeling languages, and the respective tools are considered, various interpretations of the role of the conceptual model of the subject domain are discussed, and the current state of conceptual modeling tools produced by software industry is assessed. The relationships between the conceptual schemas of the subject domain and ontologies are analyzed and their similarities and differences are described. Terminological issues and the directions of research in the field of conceptual and ontological modeling are considered. An extensive list of references is given.
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