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Analysis of systems for information resources integration

Analysis and comparison of systems for heterogeneous information resources integration.

Author(s): Vovchenko A.E., Kalinichenko L.A.
Published:Proc. of the Tenth Russian Conference on Digital Libraries RCDL'2008. -- Dubna: JINR, 2008. -- P. 115-121. (In Russian)
Two approaches for problem solving in information systems over multiple heterogeneous integrated information resources are distinguished: resource driven and problem driven. In the paper the second approach is emphasized. One of the obstacles for such approach remaining to be unresolved consists in the integrated representation of multiple heterogeneous information resources for a researcher solving the problem in various infrastructures (such as grid architectures, Web services, Semantic Web, etc.). In the paper the basic principles of heterogeneous information resources integration are considered. These principles are used to make a choice of criteria for comparison of several well known integration system prototypes.
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