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SYNTHESIS: a Language for Canonical Information Modeling and Mediator Definition for Problem Solving in Heterogeneous Information Resource Environments.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A., Stupnikov S.A., Martynov D.O.
Published:Moscow: IPI RAN, 2007. - 171 p.
Description of the SYNTHESIS language intended for canonical information modeling and mediator definition for problem solving in application-driven distributed heterogeneous information environment is presented. The SYNTHESIS is a multipurpose language that is oriented on the following basic kinds of application:
  • serving as a kernel of the canonical information model;
  • providing facilities for unifying representation of heterogeneous information models of different kinds (of data, services, processes, ontologies);
  • providing sufficient modeling facilities for formalized definitions of mediators for various subject domains;
  • supporting mediation-based design of information systems;
  • providing modeling facilities for mediator and resource specifications for the mediation architecture;
  • serving for semantic reconciliation of the mediator and resource specifications to form compositions of resources refining mediator specifications;
  • serving as an interface for users during problem formulation and solving in various applications.
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