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Reversive ontological modeling

Reversive ontological modeling for subject mediator.

Author(s): Kalinichenko L.A., Skvortsov N.A.
Published:Formal Methods and Models for Compositional Infrastuctures of Distributed Information Systems: The Systems and Means of Informatics, Special Issue. -- Moscow: IPI RAN, 2005. -- P. 183--211. (In Russian)
An approach for extensible ontological model construction in a mediation environment intended for heterogeneous information sources integration in various subject domains is presented. A mediator ontological language (MOL) may depend on a subject domain and is to be defined at the mediator consolidation phase. On the other hand, for different information sources different ontological models (languages) can be used to define their own ontologies. Reversible mapping of the source ontological models into MOL is needed for informa-tion sources registration at the mediator. An approach for such reversible mapping is demonstrated for a class of the Web information sources. It is assumed that such sources apply the OWL ontological model. A subset of the hybrid object-oriented and semi-structured canonical mediator data model is used for the core of MOL. Construction of a reversible mapping of OWL into an extension of the core of MOL is presented in the paper. Such mapping is a necessary prerequisite for contextualizing and registration of information sources at the mediator. The mapping shows how extensible MOL can be constructed. The approach proposed is oriented on digital libraries where retrieval is focused on information content, rather than on information entities.
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