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Formal semantics of canonical model

Formal semantics of canonical information object model core.

Author(s): Stupnikov S.A.
Published:Formal Methods and Models for Compositional Infrastuctures of Distributed Information Systems: The Systems and Means of Informatics, Special Issue. -- Moscow: IPI RAN, 2005. -- P. 40--68. (In Russian)

In this paper formal combined denotational-axiomatic semantics of the canonical information model (SYNTHESIS labguage) is presented. Canonical model abstract syntax, semantic domains and semantic functions producing state space of a system specified by canonical specification are considered. Semantic functions producing state space restrictions as well as semantic functions producing predicates which correspond to methods of Abstract Data Types (ADT) are defined.

Formal semantics developed allow to carry out provable reasoning on information source model properties, such as consistency, refinement or correctness of mapping of information models.

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