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Mapping of canonical model in Abstract Machine Notation

Mapping of canonical model core specifications in Abstract Machine Notation.

Author(s): Stupnikov S.A.
Published:Formal Methods and Models for Compositional Infrastuctures of Distributed Information Systems: The Systems and Means of Informatics, Special Issue. -- Moscow: IPI RAN, 2005. -- P. 69--95. (In Russian)

In this paper a mapping of canonical information model (SYNTHESIS language) core in theoretical-model specification language based on first order predicate logic and set theory --- Abstract Machine Language (AMN) --- is defined. The mapping provides a set of AMN abstract machines corresponding to a canonical model module.

An algorithm of canonical model module structure transformation into compositional structure of AMN machines set is defined. Semantic functions and algorithms transforming elements of canonical model abstract syntax into elements of AMN machines are defined.

The mapping developed allows to apply B-technology tools (B-Toolkit, Antelier B) for semi-automated proving of canonical model specifications refinement.

Thus automation of proving a correctness of solving of various problems over multiple heterogeneous data sources, services and components is achieved. Among such problems are search and construction of compositions of components refining specification of requirements; commutative data model mapping; canonical data models synthesis; constructing mediators in heterogeneous environments.

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