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Information Infrastructure of the RVO

Information Infrastructure of the Russian Virtual Observatory (RVO).

Author(s): Briukhov D.O., Kalinichenko L.A., Zakharov V.N., Panchuk V.E., Vitkovsky V.V., Zhelenkova O.P.
Published:(First Edition). Moscow: IPI RAN, 2004. -- 152 p.
This publication is the final report of the project supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, grant ¹ 04-07-90083, dedicated to the analysis of the Russian Virtual Observatory information infrastructure (RVOII) as one of the first steps in achieving the objectives of RVO. RVOII is aimed at representation of information in various problem domains of astronomy to support scientific research. The report also contains: analysis of different kinds of astronomical information resources; analysis of the modeling, technological and architectural recommendations of the IVOA; analysis of correspondence and sufficiency of the IVOA standards for the identified RVO activities; analysis of existing components that can be re-used for RVOII implementation. Based on the analysis performed, the information architecture of RVO has been defined.
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