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Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter

The Moscow ACM SIGMOD Chapter has been chartered by ACM on September 24, 1992. According to the charter, it was formed to operate under the sponsorship of the ACM, the Local Activities Board, ACM SIGMOD, and the SIG Board. The Chapter supports activities complementary to ACM SIGMOD, the ACM, and other ACM activities in Russia.

In accordance with the Chapterís Bylaws, the Chapter is operated exclusively for educational and scientific purposes. Interests of the Chapter include broad range of advanced issues of database and information systems technologies.

The founder of the Section is Leonid Kalinichenko, he also was the unchallenged Chair of the Section till his departure on 17.07.2018. Since August 2018 the Chair of the Section is Sergey Stupnikov.

Supported by Synthesis Group