ADBIS Steering Committee Purpose

To oversee the long-term planning and success of this conference, a Steering Committee plans for future conferences, evaluates how well each conference has achieved the objectives stated above, and implements improvements to better meet these objectives.

The purpose of the Steering Committee is to

  1. provide a continuing committee to represent data base and information system interests in the research community,
  2. improve future ADBIS meetings,
  3. obtain feedback about ADBIS for the purpose of improving the conference,
  4. select the General and Program Chairs for future ADBIS meetings,
  5. select the sites and dates for future ADBIS meetings,which may be in response to submitted proposals,
  6. assist in the appointment of other chair positions in the Organizing and Program Committees.

The Steering Committee uses its authority and experience to help Organizing and Program Committees in organizing and running of successful conferences. The ADBIS Steering Committee includes representatives from different countries of the Eastern and Central Europe: Austria, Bolgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Estonia, Germany, Jugoslavia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine.

ADBIS Steering Committee Members

Austria: Johann Eder
Bulgaria: Boris Rachev
Czech Republic: Jaroslav Pokorny
Estonia: Hele-Mai Haav
Germany: Rainer Manthey
Greece: Yannis Manolopoulos
Jugoslavia: Mirjana Ivanovic
Hungary: Andras Benczur
Latvia: Janis Eiduks
Lithuania: Albertas Caplinskas
Poland: Tadeusz Morzy
Romania: Radu Bercaru
Russia: Leonid Kalinichenko (SC Chair), Mikhail Kogalovsky, Boris Novikov
Slovakia: Pavol Navrat
Slovenia: Tatjana Welzer
Ukraine: Anatoly Stogny
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